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SUBARU Braid Winrace A 18x8 +49 5/114.3 Gold
SUBARU Braid Winrace A 17x8 +49 5/114.3 White
SUBARU Braid Winrace A 17x7 +48 5/100 White & Gold
SUBARU Braid Acropolis Gravel 15x6.5 5/114.3 Gold
Mitsubishi Evo X Winrace A 18x9.5 +25 5/114.3 White
More Wheels and sizes available including Mitsubishi, Subaru, Datsun & Escort.
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Hankook Ventus TD (Z221)

Hankook Ventus TD (Z221)

The Z221 is the pinnacle of semi-slick, R-compound tyres. It is the tyre of choice for some of the world’s fastest time attack vehicles, thanks to its unrivalled performance (DOT-approved, E-marked).

Hankook Ventus R-S3 (Z222)

Hankook Ventus RS-3 Z222

With an aggressive pattern, this street performance tyre boasts a wider centre block and tread than the Ventus R-s2, providing greater traction and steering response on and off the track.

2012 World Time Attack Winner Subaru WRX

2011 World Time Attack - Clubsprint Class Winner
Marek Tomaszewski - Nissan R35 GTR

Hankook Ventus Z214


Symmetrically-designed, semi-slick tyre with two longitudinal grooves for outstanding performance on the Circuit of Hill Climb in dry or damp conditions. This tyre in Australia is proving to be a great performer in many applications. Various sizes and compounds available.

Hankook Ventus Z207 Circuit Wet Racing Tyre


Hankook's Exclusive Wet Surface Racing Tyre is proving to be a brillant choice for those unavoidable wet race conditions.

Hankook Ventus F200 Racing Slick

Hankook's Awesome F200

Top-notch performance slick tyre with consistency and high mileage in dry conditions. Available in various compounds and sizes. Contact me via the contact page for information and pricing.

Silverstone S505

  • Especially suitable for hard, dry conditions.
  • Tread pattern designed for grooving to enhance traction in loose gravel and damp surfaces.
  • Specially formulated rubber compound.

Silverstone S525

  • Directional asymmetrical tyre designed form maximum traction during straight-line, cornering maneuvers and hard braking situations.
  • Provides maximum grip on gravel, clay, dry or moist surfaces.
  • Tread pattern designed for grooving to enhance traction in loose gravel and damp surfaces.
  • Specially formulated rubber compound.

** SA Motorsport Tyres No.1 Gravel Tyre Seller!! **

Silverstone FTZ Sport Type RR


Homologated for road use and bearing the E11 marking, this tyre is intended for use on the circuit, tarmac rally and hill climbs.

The FTZRR has been a all-round brillant performer in all its available sizes and compounds. It is well priced and stands strong amongst it's competitors.

The tyre offers stiff sidewalls which deliver excellent turn-in and cornering stability. The T5 medium compound seems to be just perfect for many uses from a hill climb to hot track work. Most sizes have available the T1 soft option.

The list of achievments is quite long particulary here in South Australia. A tyre definatley worth a look!

Federal FZ-201 Semi Slick

Federal FZ 201

A unique semi-slick shoulder area and enhanced R compound tread design makes FZ201 an ideal tire delivering road rally and race performance.

The FZ201 has stiff sidewalls delivering very positive turn-in, plus high speed cornering stability. Excessive Negative camber is not necessary to help this tyre perform!

Best results so far in Australia have been Steve Glenney 1st outright Rally Tasmania and in the Clipsal Rally. Hamish Gibson 2nd Outright Classic Adelaide Rally!

This R Spec tyre has been designed for competition and is not recommended for daily driving use.

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