SA Motorsport Tyres Tarmac Membership


Your yearly membership entitles you to the following benefits prior to the event at Hope Valley, Mallala Practice Sessions and Race Days when SA Motorsport Tyres is in attendance.

SA Motorsport Tyres commits to all Sporting Car Club State Race meetings, selected practice sessions and the SA Time Attack Series. This offer also covers you at any other event anywhere that you may attend if SA Motorsport Tyres is also in attendance like Hill Climbs & Rally.

Included in your membership is:

  • Nitro-fill - Your selected car is entitled to unlimited Nitro-fills and top-offs throughout the 12 month membership period. You will receive an alloy nitrogen cap kit and registration expiry label to be attached to your car. Normally this would cost you $33 per 4 wheel purge & fills, or $2.50 per tyre top-off.
  • Pit Lane check and data sheet - Once you have joined make arrangement for SA Motorsport Tyres to complete one of our Pit Lane tyre data sheets before and after a session to record pressures and hot temperatures to help you maximise your tyre's performance. This service has helped many teams improve lap times and tyre understanding. This is normally priced at $44 per session.
  • FREE Event Emergency Tyre Support - All members will receive priority special treatment when you need help at these events for tyre and wheel support for unforeseen circumstances. For example; checking wheel balance for vibration or a quick tyre swap or a slow leak. Cost is normally $20/wheel for tyre fitting, and balancing is $10/wheel.
  • Tyre Fitting and Balancing - All members will receive half price tyre fitting and balancing charges when utilising SA Motorsport Tyres before and during events. New tyres purchased through SA Motorsport Tyres may also attract additional discounts to members and are fitted free of charge. Normal fit and balance charge at the track is $25 per wheel.

Members may also receive other discounts, benefits or offers throughout the membership period!

If this sounds good to you, join up today and start saving! You get all this for just $165 per year, per car.

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