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Federal FZ 201

Never to be Repeated Pricing...
Federal FZ201 235/45/17 soft and medium compound $295 including GST
Federal FZ201 255/40/17 medium compound $365 including GST
While stocks last!!

Federal Tyres show off Steve Glenney Result

Steve Glenney at Essen Tyre Show

A giant wall sized photo of Steve Glenney's Subaru was a major part of Federal's display at this years Essen Tyre Show. Federal could not resist the opportunity to show off their brillaint result in Rally Tasmania with the new exciting FZ201 R Spec Tyre.

Federal SS 595

Federal SS 595


The Drifters choose this tyre for its ability to offer Grip, Speed and stable construction to resist delaminating maximising value for money in comparison to other products! The SS595 also make a great steer tyre for drifting. This tyre will also dominate in wet drifting conditions!

* Low profile sidewalls for ultimate performance
* Large size range
* Excellent comfort characteristics
* Uni-directional tread pattern
* Flange protector for alloy rims
* Affordable price

Steve Glenney Wins Rally Tasmania 2010

Steve Glenney on his way to Victory!

Steve Glenney and Alan Stean won Rally Tasmania in a dominant fashion, smashing the opposition on the new Federal FZ201 235/45/17 R Spec Tyre fitted to 17"x8" Braid Wheels!

Steve said the new tyres worked really well even given that they were the medium to hard compound. "They really came on well particulary when the sun came out" he said.

Well Done Steve, look out when the softer compound is available, he will be even quicker!!


Federally G10 Gravel Rally

Federally Gravel is the best sport tyre to run on dry and damp gravel surface. The asymmetric tread design and its rigid, close-set lugs ensure the maximum performance during acceleration and braking with sure-footed handling capability in a wide assortment of extreme conditions.

Engineered to complement the performance for off road rallying.

Federal Couragia S/U

Federal Couragia S/U

High performance "H"and "V" rated SUV tire for on-road performance and the delivers a comfortable ride for everyday driving. All season performance. The low profile Couragia delivers on street style combined with a wild, aggressive attitude. The utmost statement of style. Stylish tread pattern and design delivers ultimate traction, high performance grip, uniform wear rate, and all weather handling. Wide V-shaped grooves increase water dispersion capabilities and prevent aquaplaning. Designed predominantly for on-road use, the Couragia delivers high-speed comfort, low noise levels and quick steering response for your favorite SUV and/or pick-up.


  1. New SRG (Sloped Radius Gradient) tread pattern for outstanding wet performance, namely wet handling, and prevents uneven wear
  2. Unique complex sipes for ultimate comfort at all speeds
  3. Extra hard carbon black in rubber compound reduces tire flexion - increases comfort when cornering
  4. Large shoulder blocks engineered for tighter grip when cornering, improved handling capability and enhanced steering response
  5. High tensile bead wire and high bead filler maximize tire stability, safety and high speed reliability
  6. Rim Protector provides extra protection for rims from curbs and potholes
  7. High Turn-Up Polyester Casing keeps tire in proper dimensions and significantly enhances safety during heat build-up
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