Robertsown Rally tyre

Dmack Wins First Rally in South Australia

Russell and Karien Jumping to 1st outright on Dmack Tyres

Dmack tyres had their first outing in Round 2 of the SARC. The annual Robertstown Rally was run and won by local team Russell Marker and Karien Heimsohm in their Subaru WRX. Russell said "the Dmack's were awesome and I am really impressed with the G6 soft compound grip and wear rate". "Turn-in was exceptional and the tyres consistency over the longer stages gave me great confidence to push hard for the outright win and to help me defend my State No.1 Title!" Dmack also finished well on other teams cars that were eager to try the new WRC Spec Tyre finishing 1st, 4th,5th,6th and 7th outright.

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