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Great Prices are on offer on the following wheels...
SUBARU Braid Winrace A 18x8 +49 5/114.3 Gold
SUBARU Braid Winrace A 17x8 +49 5/114.3 White
SUBARU Braid Winrace A 17x7 +48 5/100 White & Gold
SUBARU Braid Acropolis Gravel 15x6.5 5/114.3 Gold
Mitsubishi Evo X Winrace A 18x9.5 +25 5/114.3 White
More Wheels and sizes available including Mitsubishi, Subaru, Datsun & Escort..... Simply contact me and ask for my best clearance price and you will be Surprised!!

"INVITATION" Mallala Track Day Friday October 19

MALLALA GRIP PRATICE DAY FRIDAY OCTOBER 19. SA MOTORSPORT TYRES, INSANE RACING AND TRACK SKILL will be running the day which will be a casual fun day with unlimited laps. Depending on numbers we will have a fast and slower group to keep things safe. I am available for helping with tyre testing and measuring. Book with Kris 1800 446 726 and tell him you are a SA Motorsport Tyres booking!


Federal FZ 201

Never to be Repeated Pricing...
Federal FZ201 235/45/17 soft and medium compound $295 including GST
Federal FZ201 255/40/17 medium compound $365 including GST
While stocks last!!

Steve Glenney

Steve Glenney and the Mighty R35 Time Attack Weapon on Hankook Z221

Ok boys, if you look past the 2 obstacles (or is that 4) you will see the Hankook Z221 Shod R35 driven by SA's Steve Glenney at the 2011 World Time Attack. Steve was impressed by the test tyres, a set of Hard Compound Hankook Z221 295/30/18 but was blown away once we fitted up the Soft’s!!

I worked in conjunction with this professionally run Gt Auto Garage Team at the Time Attack and was impressed with their dedication to task and I predict a very strong showing at next year’s event!

Brad Trenwith

WTAC0217 (1677 x 1118).jpg

Time Attack record holder Brad Trenwith's mighty RX7 is at the end of the food chain at Mallala Motorsport Park with a time of 1.11:4

The little black beauty is shod with Hankook Z221 295/30/18's that deliver excellent grip and have helped deliver PB after PB and now SA Time Attack Record!


Are you looking for a Hard Compound?
Look no further you have just found the best price in town!
Hankook Z221 R spec, F200 Slick & R201 Gravel.

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Get Consistent Results,...Get Nitro-fill

SA Motorsport Tyres now provides at Track Nitrogen Purge and Fill Facility. This latest technology System "Nitro-Fill" creates its own Nitrogen and delivers high purity.

WHY?? Nitrogen
Method >> Remove the Variables
Moisture and Oxygen = Inconsistency
Result >> Consistent Linear Pressure Gains
Stabiltiy at Hot Tyre Temperatures.

Simon Podlewski and Hankook Tyres had a HUGE weekend at World Time Attack

Simon Podlewski Hankook Z221 295/30/18

Simon Podlewski takes home a bag of trophies and a nice Hankook Tyres cheque after an eventful weekend at the 2011 World Time Attack!

The team thought on Wednesday evening before the following mornings practice session that their outright chances were blown after discovering a problem with the dog-box. The team decided to punch on and fit a standard unknown, wrecking yard gearbox to the race car.

Well, all this did was fire up Simon and he went out on the first session and posted a time that would of won last year!! Everyone's eyes opened and mouths dropped to the floor!!

Neil Trenwith

Neil Trenwith Federal FZ201 255 40 17.jpg

When Neil was over from NSW for the GSR/Evo Club Time Attack he needed two rear tyres due to a puncture in his Kumho's. I suggested the Federal FZ201 255/40/17. I only had the Medium/Hard compound so he had no other choice! By the end of the day he was really impressed with the tyre so much that he took home a couple 235 17's for the front. Now that the tyre is available in softer compound I expect future sales to the mighty RX-7!

Tim Scarman

Tim Scarman Federal FZ201 235 45 17.

St James First Aid owner Tim Scarman has been successfully racing karts for many years. He now enjoys competing in his WRX at Mallala Time Attacks. He is a very neat but quick driver. He trusts S & J with the mechanicals and SA Motorsport Tyres for the rubber! It is now running the new Federal FZ201 R Spec Tyre.

Ring St.James, Ween Road Pooraka for all your race and rally car 1st aid requirements!

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